Friday, August 30, 2013


Just had an epiphany. I was beginning to resent learning with the PD that I was doing as a school, mainly around writing.
As part of my facilitation inquiry it has just occurred to me I was becoming that child whose learning styles where not cater for and that was causing resentment.

 Firstly since starting work as a Blended e-Learning facilitator I have rediscovered that I learn best by watching videos or listening to podcasts. This is quite a change from when I was going through varsity and college. I can still assimilate knowledge reading but it takes me three or four readings to get the gist of the info compared to once or twice on video.

As a teacher I was finding it had to get back to a reading 3 or 4 times. Most of our PD where readings!

Secondly the writing PD was all paper based and had no digital component, as a class of one to one laptops I felt very alone and doing things wrong.

I love being surrounded by people who think similar to me and allow for different learning styles.

As a facilitator I am going to make sure I provide my information as written (paper), written (electronic) and visual and audio. Ensuring that all electronic has easy links to follow.

The journey continues......  I was going to use a graphic but I just needed to blurt out my ideas!!!!

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