Friday, October 25, 2013

Engaging Diverse Akonga

After having many discussions around creating a presentation of engaging reluctant akonga I have come up with  a series of modifications to my presentation to enable me to engage more with the staff.

  • I do not want to be the expert model and give them a bunch of apps and then leave. So I have looked at using another facilitator's idea of disability simulators which I renamed Diversity Simulators so not to get teachers thinking about the extreme students. 
  • This simulation gets teachers hopefully thinking about the barriers that a lot of children have to learning.
  • I have tried to put a positive message with changing the title from Reluctant Akonga to Diverse Akonga
  • I have used padlets , a shared doc and google form to get staff involved in discussion and have created and shared links to the presentation, research and resources for allowing follow up down the track as well as linking all this to the schools VLN page
  • I test ran the presentation at my old school and got some positive feedback to continue to develop the session.
Bring on the session next Thursday!

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