Friday, November 8, 2013

Reflection of the Engaging Diverse Akonga

I came away from the session a bit flat as I felt I could have done better. I was already reflecting on the session as I was completing it.
It was great to get guidance and feedback from Emily during and after the session.
Why did I feel flat

  1. Too much content next time I will drop the google form and also text typer as the staff where very involved in filling out the padlet and google doc and put a lot of thought into this. I might look at combing the form and doc together some how.
  2. I did not cover Puppet Pals as I think that on the day text selection on the iPad and Tellagmi was enough.
Why I should not have felt flat
  1. The staff were really engaged and enjoyed the diversity simulator really getting into the role play.
  2. New content for most of the staff.
  3. Positive feedback both verbal and written.

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